How do you start next row of knitting?

I finally figured out the basic knit stitch and stitched my first row, although it doesn’t look anything like any of the pictures I’ve seen. I attached a picture to show anyone and see if I did it right. I can’t now figure out how to start the next row. I tried looking it up but have no luck finding anything. I don’t have anyone around where I live that can help me so I’m sorry for all my posts. Any tip would be greatly welcome.

Just turn it over and start knitting the other way.

You’ll probably need more knit to actually see how it’s coming out.

That’s what I don’t understand. The book I bought is from the 80’s and doesn’t really explain much which I’m very disappointed about. Do I have to cast on to the empty needle and if so, how do I do that? I never that I would have this much trouble. I’m usually a quick learner and good with things like this. I’m sorry for being such a pain.

Watch this demo of a small project video. That should explain how you move to the next row.

Casting on is just putting on the initial stitches, after that you’re knitting or purling the sts onto the empty needle. The working yarn is at the tip of the needle, you insert the other needle into the first st there to begin knitting the first row. The video Jan linked to should show you what step to do next.