How do you start a seed stitch?

What cast on do you use? and does it affect the seed stitch if you do a long tail??? I just cant picture how to start it… I get that you alternate k and p … but what do you START with after your cast on?

If I use a long tail cast on… does it matter that the entire first row is already knitted???

I count my cast-on as a cast-on. Then you just start with kpkpkpkp on the first row.

For seed stitch, if you end with a purl, start with a purl. If you end with a knit, start with a knit.

I do the same as Ingrid.

Great thank! I could figure out for the LIFE of me!

I think the confusion comes from instructions for LT cast on tell you to start with the second row of the pattern if you use it. I don’t really think you need to do so at any time, especially if you’re going to rib or do a seed stitch, or any pattern that’s a mix of knits and purls on the first row.