How do you start a blog site?

so many of you talk about your BLOG sites. can someone please tell me where to go and how to go about setting up my own blog.

it’s funny, i’ve worked on computers for my entire 30-year career, i even work now on the internet for my job - but i don’t know where to go or how to set up my own blog - lol.

any help in the right direction would be helpful. maybe i’ve never done it because i was never interested in anything enough to read them. but now that i read this forum every day, it’s become very interesting and i want to join the bandwagon…thx in advance to everyone.:muah:

Go to - it’s very easy. Even I can do it!!

I’m personally a fan of

i checked it out very quickly - and it says it’s free - is it always free - or do they eventually charge for the service???

i looked at this one and the other one called is there an advantage to a site you have to pay a fee for over one that is free. i noticed that charges a fee after a free trial. free sounds good to me, why Pay for something you can get for free? lol - i guess i must be cheap - but then again maybe there is a reason paying is better - safer, more space, ect.???

I know that for free services, you get basic stuff, which is probably plenty good enough for a blogger newbie. Upgrading gives you perks that you may or may not use.

I just started my blog in November and have not seen a reason to upgrade. I just wanted a place to put down my thoughts. I use

Have fun!

It depends on what you want to do with your blog. I used (and pay for) Typepad because it is also an income-generating tool for me; I can utilize Amazon Associate links and make anywhere from $100 to $200 a month via linkages. That more than gets me back the $4.95 a month Typepad charges. But for me, it is also part of my business as a professional writer and is more than just an online diary.

You can see mine at

I’ve got a free one at

I’ve been happy with my free blog at - just thought I would chime in! With the free ones, you can afford to shop around. Set one up - try it out, if you don’t like it, go to another one. That’s what I did and landed on wordpress…which by the way, I really need to update!!