How do you speed up your knitting?

With respect to the afhgan from hell…I feel like I am knitting slower than mud. I have about 120 stitches cast on, size 17 needles, and takes it seems like 5-10 minutes to do a row!!!

I know the one thing I should do is switch back to continental, as discussed elsewhere, that does seem to be faster).

I think I need to do a small project so that I feel like I am getting somewhere!

Its funny that I should read this at this moment. I was thinking the same thing about my afghan. It’s not that I’m knitting especially slow, its just that its especially big! When I manage 6 inches on this I certainly don’t get the same satisfaction out of knitting 6 inches on a sleeve, that’s for sure. I’m afraid to put it down in favor of something more entertaining and satisfying because I’m afraid I won’t pick it up again and its my hope for using up lots of yarn.

I’ve been knitting the same way for so long, there’s no way I’m going to change now. I think I’ll just pull something else out for a bit. Maybe I’ll save the afghan for those nights when it’s a little chilly. Oh my, look at me rationalizing! I’m in trouble now!

It sounds like a good mindless project to do while you’re doing other things. I knit such thing while I’m on the phone with friends (I bought a headset so I’m hands-free). Books on tape also make that kind of knitting fly by! Hey, Harry Potter 6 is about to come out, if your and HP junkie like me! :wink: (Of course, the audio CD is $52…but I’m considering it. I love to knit and listen at the same time!)

You know, that’s a great idea. I love to knit outside, but find I like to at least listen to the radio. My problem I that I have no patience for songs I dislike so I have to stop and change the station. The library has books on tape. I’ll have to go take a look so I can take advantage of the nice weather. Thanks for the suggestion.

ugh that is the reason my afghans are still sitting over there…seems like it takes forever just to do one row…blah!

I know we all want to make things faster, but I found what helped me the most was concentrating on the enjoyment of knitting… the actual process of knitting… instead of always wanting to get the item finished faster. Once I did that, I find the time I spend on a project is the best part, so no matter how long it takes, I enjoy it all the same. And oddly enough, my speed picked up on it’s own as a result.

I’ve also boosted my FO output because of it. I nearly panic if I don’t have something on needles. So as soon as I finish one thing, I start something else right away.

I recently finished an afghan for a family wedding (about to start another for another family wedding!!..ugh) and I find that stopping with the afghan and doing a quick project like a hat or scarf or socks, (I usually do a pair of socks) you have that gratification and feel renewed and can pick the afghan back up and joyfully finish it. :wink:

I just came back from the ‘real’ mailbox with my pattern for the Famous Felted Clogs. That’ll do me between stints on the afghan.

I’m getting ready to start the clogs too :slight_smile:

I must have every size length of every size needle, many mulitples in the sizes I use a lot BUT NO 13! So Ryan (5-yr-old g’son) and I went to the yarn shop where I was sure they’d have them, rather than Michaels or AC Moore, and fortunately they had some size 13/24" clovers. I’m cast on and on my way. I’m using a deep purple Cascade 220 for the bottom and a lighter purple for the top. It’ll be my first felting, so we’ll see.

Okay this is a little scary but, I find when I get into my rocking chair (I’m only 32! :shock: ) and turn on some fast music, whether dance music or heavy metal/rock/alternative, I turn into some kind of speed knitter. You might give that a shot.

Good lord! How fast do you rock! :lol:

lol like a 5 year old kid, his first time in a rocker!!! Determined as hell! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Hmmmm that may be a good idea, the tunes…now I need your recommendations of tunes to knit by :XX: :XX: I think watching TV slows ya down, even on a mindless project such as this one. Its about long enough for a knee length skirt now. Its actually getting a little unwieldy to haul around to places.

I am half afraid if I put it down for a quick gratification Christmas scarf that I wont ever pick it up again, but I need to get going on some of those gift ideas too!

heh, I find that either relaxing music or trance music helps speed things up in my case. As far as trance goes, it’s that thumping bass that tends to speed me up, DW has noticed that the click of my needles will match up with the thump.