How do you shape two sides simultaneously?

Hi :slight_smile:
First, I would like to say I really enjoy this site and have found a lot of great, useful tips. Thank you for having me!

I am a bit of an advanced beginner, but I’ve never done a sweater before, which is probably why I am confused.

I am working on a sweater from the book “Weekend Knitting” and I have reached a stumbling block. The pattern notes that all side shaping and front neck shaping shaping happen at the same time. I have already finished the back and am now working on the front right side of the sweater (it is made in 3 pieces). Here’s the quote from the pattern:

“And at the same time, when piece measures 7 3/4 from beginning, shape neck by decreasing as follows…making any necessary increases at side edge.” How do you shape the neck while also shaping the side? It does not even tell me which side I am shaping.
Please help if you can, I’m so confused.



When you’re shaping a sweater, you have to shape the neck and the side–the armhole side. Since the armhole is usually done first, and then some work is done before you shape the neck, directions usually give the underarm dec and say ‘at the same time’ do the neck dec.

When you say the patterns says "make the necessary increases, did you mean decreases? Whatever the case, when they say side, they mean the arm side. When they say ‘at the same time’ it just means to work whatever shaping they say at the neck edge and whatever shaping they say at the arm edge.

I hope this is clear enough.

This does help, at least I know the author meant the armhole side is being shaped. The pattern definately says “making any necessary increases at side edge.” I think this part of the pattern is much too vague but I will keep trying. Thank you.

:thinking: That is odd. It’ll probably become more clear as you get there. If find that when there are confusing directions, actually doing the piece usually makes it clearer what they mean.