How do you say thanks to someone on this site?

i’ve noticed by everyone’s names that it says thanks and a number (supposedly the number of times you have said thanks to someone for their help). i’ve search hi and low and can’t figure out how to say Thanks to anyone.

could someone let me know how to go about doing it - step-by-step - lol. like do i have to be reading their answer to my question to say thanks? etc.

thanks in advance.

There is a small, blue button on the bottom right of the text box which ways, “Thanks!”

You hit it.

In the bottom right, you can click ‘thanks.’ Do this on the poster’s box you want to thank.

wow - of course it’s that simple. it never fails - the answer is almost always the most obvious thing.

of course - i knew it would be something that obvious. duh - lol

:slight_smile: I’m glad you asked this!

I wondered that same thing for the longest time till I finally noticed the little clickables on the bottom right of each post!

I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who missed them :cool:

But now we know and we’re good :thumbsup: hehehe