How do you read this pattern

PATTERN STITCH (Multiple of 4 sts + 2)

Row 1 (RS): K2, * yo, p2 tog, k2, rep from * across.

Row 2: P2, * yo, p2 tog, p2, rep from * across.

Rep these 2 rows for Pat St.


With straight needles, cast on 38 sts. Work even in Pat St for 1”, end on WS.

Inc Row (RS): Work in Pat St over 17 sts, place marker, M1k, k1, yo, p2 tog, k1, M1k, place marker, work in Pat St to end – 40 sts. Continuing to work in Pat St as established, inc 1 st in this manner after 1st marker and before 2nd marker every 4th row 3 times more, working incs in St st – 46 sts. Work even until piece measures 3” from beg, end on WS.

Thumb Opening: Next Row (RS): Work in pat as established over 17 sts, bind off 12 sts, work to end.

Following Row (WS): Work in pat as established, cast on 4 sts over 12 sts bound off on previous row – 38 sts. Work even in Pat St until piece measures 5 1/2” from beg, end on WS. Bind off.


Sew side seam.

Does this mean when I start the inc row that I should end on a purl 2?
This doesn’t seem right but I messed my knitting up with whatever I’m doing and even laying it out on paper looks like that’s how the pattern says to end.

It looks like I knit a total of 17 stiches so I would end on a the first of the two knit stitches, place a marker, add a knit stich, knit stitch, yarn over, purl two, knit stitch, add a knit stitch, place marker, then start the pattern stitching over again with a knit two…etc. But then the next time I incorporate stitches I end up with my last stitch that is supposed to be purl 2 and I only have one working stitch left.

What am I doing wrong?


On the first inc row, work 17 sts in pattern, do the incs then work 40 sts in the pattern. On a RS row, you would probably be ending with k2. Go with the patterning from the previous rows after you do the incs, though it looks like the sts between the markers are a repeat and a half of the pattern, so they’re going to do the pattern in a little different spot. You want the pattern to match what’s below it. Before the inc, you did a k1, then the new incs and I think after them you would start with k1 also, then yo, p2 tog, k2 and so on. There are no purl sts on row 1 except p2tog.

BTW, could you remove the parts of the pattern that don’t pertain to your question? It looks like you posted the entire pattern and that’s against copyright law. Just keep the pattern stitches and increase rows in your post. Thanks.