How do you put your life line through

Hi all

I am trying a longer pattern than what I have done before and want put a life line through it, but not sure how.

Do you do it with just a needle?


Depending on the thickness of the lifeline yarn/thread, I just use a straight yarn/darning needle or sometimes even a large-eyed sewing needle. Then I simply run it along my knitting needle through all of the stitches. Good Luck!

thats excatly what I was thinking, thanks!

I use a tiny piece of tape to tape a length of dental floss to my right hand needle, a few inches from the point. As I knit the stitches from the left to right needle, the lifeline is automatically inserted. :thumbsup:

What’s a lifeline? And when do you need to use one?

It’s a line of yarn (or dental floss :eyebrow: ) that you put through your work in case you make a mistake you can pull everything out to that oint and go from there instead of having to start all over.

Thanks a bunch. That makees a lot of sense. wish I had known about it sooner. I have actually ripped out an afghan back to the cast on because I wasn’t positive of where exactly I was in the pattern. :pout:

While the Addi Click interchangeable needles do not have a hole in the cable into which one can thread a lifeline (dental floss/button thread), you can attach via a loop around the grooves on the cable ends prior to inserting them into the needle.