How do you put pictures in your signature?

I’ve been trying but can’t!!! Any help?

You need to upload the picture onto an image hosting site like Photobucket or Flickr.

Copy the URL and then put it between the img tags.

Oh thanks!!!

Please note that photos in your signature must be small! When we come across large ones we’ve been asking them to make them smaller or remove them. Too long signatures are really annoying. Thanks for your consideration! :hug:

Is this too big?

It’s fine as long as you don’t add a lot more text and stuff to it. If you want to add WIP and FO info then try and make the photo a little smaller.

Is that you? You’re adorable and so is the little boy. :wink:

That is me and my cousin!!

(And don’t forget the dog. It was raining and…you can guess the rest.)

Dog? What dog? :??

Ohhh…in my avvie.

Umm…that’s a dog? :teehee: What breed is that?

Yeah, that’s my dog. She’s a lot cuter than that, but there she was sopping wet and muddy. She’s chow chow, German shephard, and some other stuff we dont know. Here’s what she normally lookslike (cute):

Umm…that’s a dog?


That’s a sweet little baby! Lots of personality I’ll bet!

OMG…she is adorable when she’s furry!!!

If you ever get tired of the dog/??? you could use the furry face!

Your doggy is soooooo cute! I love German Shepherds mixed with other breeds - they always look cutsie!!!