How do you put a split lock marker in between needles?

How do you put a split lock marker in between needles?

Why can’t you just slip it on the needle? And if you mean between the stitches already knitted just pop it on there where you need it. :shrug: The split lock markers have an opening on them.

I wrote this down once but, it was deleted. The pattern states: Row 1: K13 hook a split lock marker into the cast on edge in between needles and place a ring marker on your right hand needle. If they wanted me to place it on the left needle, wouldn’t they say left? It’s not on the right because, the ring marker goes on that side. Is this written in a strange way?

Oh it sounds like they want you to hook the split lock marker on the actual knitting. You can do that the same way just poke it through on that spot between the right stitch and left stitch.

I’m not sure why they stated it that way. I think they just want you to put a marker in that spot. If it’s on your right needle you can continue knitting. If it’s on the left needle you slip to the right anyway to knit.

What is the pattern?

It’s Oat Couture Shoulder Bag, the small bag. EK712

So, they just want me to put it in the knitting, either right or left side, correct? Thanks for helping me. These little things stump me so easily.

Hi Puddinpop! It wasn’t deleted. I just read it a few minutes ago. It’s in the “how to” thread. :wink: (…and, someone answered your question!!)

Ooops. I went to see if someone had responded and couldn’t find it. Sorry about that and thanks for giving me the heads up on it.

Don’t be sorry! I can totally relate…I find things online that I want to research (or try out) “later”, and then when later comes…I forgot where in the world I saw it.

That’s the trouble with posting the same question in two places. :wink: One is all you need and it’s easier to remember. We sometimes delete duplicates.

You just hook it on the strand of yarn between two sts, not on the right or the left.

I didn’t start out posting on two places but when I couldn’t find it, I thought it was deleted so I posted again in a different place. The split lock markers were not at the end or beginning of the knitting but in the middle and so, I did have cast on stitches in between needles. I just couldn’t picture it. I didn’t have split lock markers. I used some lobster clasps that I had for making necklaces and they work great.

Paperclips or safety pins also work fine for removeable markers, as well as tieing a different color piece of yarn in that place.