How do you pronounce Noro Kureyon?

Noro Kureyon

So I don’t embarrass myself if I ever have a chance to discuss knitting with it outside of cyberspace, how is it pronounced? :??

Actually I’m not sure, but while we’re on the subject of pronunciation, how do you say skein? Is it “skeen” or “skane?”

Seems like kureyon might just be how it’s spelled–kur-ee-on. Maybe?

well i generally just call it Noro…but when i say it in my head (ya know when i am reading…the voices don’t talk about the yarn :rollseyes: ) it sounds like Cure-eon

don’t know that it is right though…which is why i just call it Noro :mrgreen:

yeah i pronounce that “Ball”


“koo-ray-on”. I was told it’s name is going after the closest Japanese pronunciation to the english word ‘crayon’. you can say crayon, you don’t really say the “koo” part.

skeen or skane? I say skane, but always think I’ve said it wrong.

It is skane…like reign is rain, etc…



Ah, thanks, Jodi! :smiley:

As to skane/skeen, I’ve always pronounced it as skane. My sil says skeen, but she mispronounces everything, so I didn’t put much stock in her pronunciation. :lol:

I, too, say skane. A friend of mine, however, says sky-ne. It drives me nuts for some reason. :rollseyes:

I always say “skEEn” but I got that from my MIL. Maybe it’s a regional thing “soda” everywhere else except the midwest where it’s “pop”. says it’s pronounced with a long A sound, a la skane.

But I like “ball,” better. Brendajos that’s a hoot!!

I say skane and ker-ee-yon. And ball.

But isn’t Noro the name of the company? And then they have different kinds of Yarn so it would be Noro Cure-ee-on, or Noro whatever. If you just say Noro you might not get the right kind of yarn. Or do so many people use Kureyon that everyone knows what they mena when they say Noro? :?? I’m so confused.

I just say hand me that yarn thingy. Or ball. Now where the work hank came from , I don’t know…

well i can tell you what my friend Phin calls his Hank but i am pretty sure that isn’t appropriate for this site


:cheering: :roflhard:

I have an x boyfriend who used to pronounce everything wrong. Examples:

carafe = "care-a-FAY"
gauze pad = “gowdge” pad
fajitas = "fa-GEE-ta-tas"
mattress = 'MAT-ris"
triathlon = “tri-ATHA-lawn”

he also used to say “for all intensive purposes” instead of “for all intents and purposes” and “spitting image” instead of “spit and image” which didn’t come up too often but still drove me crazy.

my sister in law has her own special pronunciations, for instance “ORrientated” instead of “oriented” and “conversate” instead of “converse” and “new-klee-er” instead of “nuclear” :wall"

then again, while i’m being critical, I can’t spell. o weel ges ill go eta woorms.

well while we are at it can we discuss people excessively using the word “literally?”

“I literally Laffed my A$$ off!” reeeeeeeally there’s a skill i need to pick up!

“i literally fell out of my chair!” umm…stop drinking

“I literally peed my pants!” you can’t sit on my furniture!


and while we are at it…break down “irregardless” for me and tell me what the parts of the word mean! double HMPH!

umm…but since i am at that…i must confess…i always say spitting image…i thought that is what everybody said… :??

and i have picked up the bad habit of Nuke-yoo-Lur while mocking a certain world leader.


How do YOU say Mattress?? :??
I think it IS “spitting image”.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: