How do you prepare to spin and then spin fur?

So, I want to try to spin my dogs fur into yarn, but I don’t know what to do, so could ya’ll help? What do you have to do to the fur before you can spin it and in what order do you do those processes? Should I wash the dog before I brush the fur off or wash the fur before I spin it or just wash it when it’s yarn? Do I have to buy some of those carding brushes or can I use something else for that?

I hope that’s not a dreadful lot of questions.

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Washing the dog is easier than washing the fur.

You can use dog slickers to align the fiber for spinning. What type of dog are you wanting to spin?

Dual coated dogs with longer undercoat work the best. It is the undercoat you want to spin.

Yes, it is the undercoat that I want to spin. My grandma wouldn’t like it if we shaved her.

She’s a mix of some sort. I think that my family believes her to be a golden retriever/Australian shepherd mix.

So could I use the dog slickers like hand carders?

Yes you could!


I found a book I bought ages ago…about 7 years ago on spinning dog fur…its called “Putting on the dog” by Carol Kroll. Published in 1999…

here is the address in the book
Carol Kroll
W3016 Green Isle Drive
Fort Atkinson
WI 53538

its a very good book and I have used some of the ideas in it to spin my possum fiber here…Good lluck