How do you prefer to knit sweaters?

I very much prefer knitting raglan sweaters in the round, but although I do knit flat sweaters sometimes. How do you usually do it?

The sweaters I knit in the round get done a lot faster than the seamed ones. Not the knitting part–the seaming. I can do it just fine, but man, it’s hard for me to get motivated. I have two that are waiting for the seaming fairy to come. I think she’s avoiding me, so I may have to break down and do it myself. :pout:

LOL thats funny.

I’ve only done two really, but I don’t seem (hahahah…) to mind seaming.

When I knit in the round it just feels like it goes so much slower. I know it isn’t, and it actually saving me time by not having to seam, but…I don’t do as much as quickly.

At least, that’s how I feel. :shrug:

I have a confession to make… I’ve never knit a sweater!! :oo:

But I suppose if I were going to, I’d knit it in the round because I don’t like seaming much either…

Top down, in the round, if given the choice - raglan is my fave as I think it just looks better.

In the round, or for cardigans, top down raglan or one piece. I can seam okay, but I’d rather not and it stalls me out most of the time.


I had to choose flat and then seem because I have not knit a sweater in the round yet … but I think I would perfer that … :oops:

Definately in the round! I haven’t done many sweaters, but I don’t like seaming, and I’m not good at it! My seaming bad experiences have been with things like hats, bags, etc… I probably just need to practice more. However, I :heart: working on a sweater and having it actually look like a sweater while in progress!!

I’m not a good seamer so I much prefer seamless! :happydance:

Ooooh, if I leave out some milk and cookies will the seaming fairy come to my house??!! :smiley:

No, that’s Santa. :rofl:

Maybe the seaming fairy is like the tooth fairy in reverse…she wants cash. :wink:

No, that’s Santa. :rofl:

Maybe the seaming fairy is like the tooth fairy in reverse…she wants cash. ;)[/quote]

:rofl: Figures!

There are actually people who you can hire to finish your sweaters, aren’t there? I thought I saw an ad somewhere for “Finishing Services” or something like that. It doesn’t sound like a very fun job to me.

I would rather knit in the round but most sweaters i like are flat :!!!: I hate seaming.I have done a number of sweaters and you would think I would get used to seaming but I don’t.I’m hoping all sweater patterns will be written in the round in the future :teehee:

There are people who finish sweaters. I’ve heard about a local dentist who sends hers out to be finished. I certainly won’t spend money on that–well, maybe if I win the lottery and can just knit all day long. Or if I become a dentist.

I’ll seam for yarn. :rofl:

You can convert any pattern to knit it in the round…