How do you prefer to hold your circs?

do you knit with them in front of or behind your work? i tend to alternate, and was just curious what other’s preferences are.

I alternate.


I always knit with them behind the work, because I knit in the round most of the time, and unless you’re knitting inside out, that’s the only way you can do it. With knitting flat, I do it that way too, so it won’t get in the way.

I knit with them in front of the work. Otherwise, the work gets in the way.

i knit with them closer to me, keeps my projects frombeing knitted inside out :mrgreen:

Me too. Don’t have a problem with it being inside out as ContiKnitter indicated.

tips closest to me, work away from me.

End toward me, but sometimes it flips around when it’s short (or even when it’s longer). Doesn’t bother me either way, I know which is the RS.