How do you post a

PDF file.I’ve seen someone else do it (Like brendajos post about making a rug) but when I try to do it, I get an error message that says we can’t post PDF. I was thinking my file was too large and made it smaller but size is not the problem, it says it can do PDF at all. But then how did brendajos do it? :??

She didn’t post it – she linked to it. If the pdf file is on your hard drive, you’re out of luck. But if it is on the web somewhere (your site or womeone else’s) then you can link to it the same way you link to any web page. HTH :smiley:

Hmmmm… I need to get a website so I can host PDF files and stuff.

I host my files here It’s free and unless you have much traffic it’s all you need.

I don’t have a blog or anything…I don’t want to start one bc I already spend enough time on computer…LOL…now watch…I’ll start one! But I host my pics on but I think that I am changing to comcast bc we have just gotten an email that comcast users get this very cool photo hosting & editing site…I just have to change everything over…it will be fun :smiley: :happydance:

FM, check with your ISP…you may have web space and not know it. I know with Comcast we can have up to 7 sites (one for each e-mail addres.) I don’t have actual sites up at those addresses, but I do use them to host files.

OOOooooOOOO I have comcast!!! Now just gotta go there and figure out what to do. Alright, I’ll do my homework first. NO really I will. :rollseyes:

one more row :XX: :XX: