How do you pick up knitting

my pattern is telling me to pick up and knit thirty two stitches evenly around each leg opening(i am knitting a dog sweater) - how do i do this?

Look at the Advanced techniques page for a video on picking up sts. Pretend the leg opening is your L needle, take the R needle and insert it into a stitch on the edge (that’s picking up), wrap the yarn and pull through (that’s the knit part). Do this in about 2 out of every 3 stitches all the way around. Or since it gives you specific number, if you start at the botton of the opening, you need 16 sts by the time you get to the top of it, so just space the sts however they need to be for that rate of pick up.

ok thanks 4 your help

i am picking up the stitches with dpn - is it the same?

Exactly the same idea, just change to a new dpn approximately every 5 sts.