How do you pick up a YO stitch when reach it again?

K, here’s the pattern:

Cast on 4 stitches
Row 1: K2, YO, Knit rest of row;
Repeat Row 1 until desired width (in this case Medium or 125 sts)
Once at desired width, start decreasing by doing K1, K2tog, YO, K2tog, knit rest of row.
When at 4 sts, BO.

okay…I know how to YO after a knit stitch. But when all the stitches are transferred and I get back to that YO stitch, I don’t know how to pick it up again without it all going south – Do I go under the stitch? Around it? Through it? It’s a friggin big hole so since it looks different than the other stitches, I’m stumped on how to get past it. I’ve muddled through a few more rows and it looks pretty funky – hence I assume I’m doing something wrong.

Help (I did say I was a novice right??)

Thanks, Tawny

Knit it like you would a regular stitch. It has a leg over the front of the needle, and one over the back, generally you insert the right needle into the front leg. It may look large, but after you knit few rows, they should start looking better.

OK, I’ll try. . . I always assume I’m doing it “wrong” first. Kinda like following car directions, a mile seems so much longer when you’re actually driving it and I tend to turn around if I don’t find the street I’m looking for (I missed it!).

Thanks for responding – if it turns out, I’ll post the finished product :woohoo: