How Do You Organize Your Swatches?

Do you make test swatches with different yarns and needles sizes and then save them for later reference - to save time when starting another project? I’ve heard some knitters do that. I’d like to start, but HOW do you organize and keep track?

Lu :x:

I rip mine back out… unless you planned to knit a swatch of a particular yarn with every needle size then put them in some kind of compendium, I don’t see any benefit to keeping them. I already have too much yarn laying around my house :teehee:

You COULD make a patchwork out of them later :eyebrow:


ohh, yeah, really… LOL. One of my first (naive) projects was to make a patchwork blanket for my 2 year olds queen size bed, all 90 20x20cm squares with a seperately knit border for all round the squares… let’s just say that 9 months down the track, it’s only 3/4 pieced together - do you know how much seaming that is!!! LOL, At least I have another 5 months till winter :teehee: