How do you organize your stash?

my stash is growing (i’m so proud!) and it’s taking over my house.
I’ve tried doing tupperware, but that has to go in my basement because i don’t have room upstairs…so then i end up with little bags and boxes shoved behind furniture in my living room so i have easy access. :oo:
i put a bunch of it up in my bedroom in my mom’s old sewing cabinet, but same thing happens as my tupperware yarn in the basement…it migrates!:think:

so now i’m thinking about using a dresser that we have in our living room (it’s a place to throw your keys when you walk in the door)…my only worry, is my toddler loves that dresser. open. close. open. close. so i was going to throw some of his toys in there…if i put yarn in there, i’ll definately have to put the drawer locks on it so he can’t play with mommy’s yarn.

so, how do you have your stash organized? where is it? what do you do with satellite yarn stashes? :shrug:

I have a large wood “island” in my studio with cabinets. I keep a good portion of my yarn in there. I also keep several baskets on display in that space so I can see it and be inspired.


Whatever yarn I am currently working with, stays in my knitting bag so I can take my projects with me.

All other stash yarn is in a spare bedroom closet in two big canvas collapsible cubes. Not really organized, but at least it’s all in one place!

I have a craft room with a nice medium sized walk in closet. The closet has a shelf in it and that’s where my yarn is. I took small Rubbermaid boxes and labeled each one differently. I have 2 boxes labeled novelty, 2 boxes labeled worsted, 1 box for cotton yarns, and 1 box for bulky. I labeled the boxes with a post it note. :slight_smile: It works perfectly for me! But I don’t have a really big stash so it’s also easier for me to handle. :lol:

I’ve got an old dresser in the attic, top drawer is wool, second is novelty, third is misc. and last is supplies. I’m allowed one bin in the living room- more than that drives hubby nuts!

i have mine sperarated into types cotton, fun , wool, and other, but it’s all in my room in a pile of tubs, but it’s all contained. that’s how i do it! all of my needles on the other hand, are a mess! i nned an organizer!

it’s in a nice neat pile in the corner of the room, outside of the cabinets that they belong in. so’s i can see it all of course…lol

ugh i need to organize. :thud:

Mine is organized like this.
Yes, stash building is quite fun!

So far my stash fits in a giant Rubbermaid tub in my “craft room”. I’m still buying yarn with a specific project in mind, although I have enough projects planned to last me though a few months at this point.

If my yarn stash gets out of control, I’ll have to thin out my fabric stash, since I rarely ever do any quilting any more. One obsession at a time.


Last week, I bought one of those sweater storage things that hangs from the rod in your closet and has 8 “cubbies” in it. I figured it’d be a great way to organize my stash and all that.

Well, it’s still there and it has about 4 skeins in it. There’s more yarn on the closet shelf in a rubbermaid container, a big mess.

There’s also more on the LR table, DR table, LR corner in another rubbermaid container, on the kitchen side table. OH! And my needles are sitting on a shelf right here on my computer desk in 3 containers.

Books everywhere, printouts everywhere.

Well, I gotta look at it, ya know!

Some day I’ll be organized…definitely not my best feature!:XX:

I didn’t know it was an actual requirement to organize a stash. :lol: I"ve tried, truly tried, but every time I go into my little craft room it looks as if there’s been a yarn explosion while I was elsewhere. I had it all sorted and in cubbies and a hanging gizmo that holds a lot of yarn. My sock yarn is in it, but then I bought more sock yarn, and it ended up on top of some other yarn that isn’t sock yarn. And so it goes. My organization efforts are foiled every time. :rofling: samm

Don’t feel bad, my stash wasn’t oganized until last weekend. I had bags all over and I wanted to see what I actually have, so I sat and organized it into a rubbermaid container…I seem to be the odd knitter out as I organize my yarn by project type. Socks in one bag, scarves, bags, cat toys etc.

Then my current projects are kept in a huge basket under my end table which I pull out when I knit…and I always seem to have something mobile to knit in a bag…

hmm:think: i have a craft cart from wal-mart that holds some of my yarns, mostly some of my handdyed wools, lorna’s and yarns for projects for dd. i have a box on top the has my acrylics (red heart and caron simply soft, and a couple of baby bernat yarns too). then i have four slightly-larger than shoe boxes. they were supposed to be organized by type. but that didn’t seem to work; sock yarns, undyed, various merino/cashmere balls, and some suri alpaca for dd’s sweater project … then i have some stashed in a drawer. thats two balls of suri alpaca and 8 hanks of artyarns supermerino :shifty: and a cone of canary yellow silk from colourmart (shhh dh doesn’t know about those yarns :teehee:)

This is where I have my yarn stash (please excuse the mess, I was de-stashing).

:shrug: wow Becka I thought I had a big stash…:eyes: NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

I have mine in my ladies retreat… a little den I converted from a child’s bedroon when the child grew up & left home :waving:
So stash is stored in the mesh laundry bags in gallon zip locks… sorta by natural fibers, cotton etc etc… The pop up mesh bags I got for $1.99… I also have shoe boxes (clear plastic) that stack well on the shelves of the closet… :x: :blooby: I want more yarn!!!:woohoo: :roflhard:

how do i organize my stash? it’s all over my bedroom. :oops:

in my mind, i would organize by project type: socks, sweaters, etc. or by weight: sock, dk, worsted, bulky.

right now, i have two big plastic zippered bags that bedding came in. things are sort of stashed in there, with no rhyme or reason. i tend to keep each shipment together b/c i can usually remember what i ordered together. then one of the zippered bags is cheapie acrylic for practicing stitches, etc.

no way, no how, am i showing anyone my stash right now. :roflhard:

Am I the only KH soul who has a cedar chest and a cedar wardrobe?

Wait … we are supposed to [B]ORGANIZE[/B] our stash’s!??

Ohnoes … looks like ive got a long afternoon ahead of me!

But really, thanks to my OCD, my stash’s are organized in a way that only makes sense to me. Other people have tried to figure out just how ive got things organized, but no one has figured out my odd little system yet! Some times even I am perplexed when I look over into my arts and crafts corner!

No matter where you [B]store your STASH[/B]…the most important factor is: knowing WHAT YOU HAVE and HOW MUCH of it you have!

Yarn that is stored in clear bins might be 'VISIBLE"…but at a glance that still doesn’t tell you the other important facts: the fiber content, the gauge, the yardage.

I finally bit the bullet a while back, and created an EXCEL Stash Spreadsheet. This EXCEL spreadsheet has 7 worksheets. Each worksheet contains that data for different kinds of yarn by weight.
Sport/DK; Worsted/Aran; Bulky; Super Bulky; Specialty; etc.

When I am rummaging for yarn for a particular project, the first thing I have to match up is the “weight” for a proper gauge “fit”.

That is why I organize the worksheets by the “weight”.

Anyway, if anyone care to have a copy of my Spreadsheet, please let me know. You can send me a PM with your email address. I need an email address in order to send you the EXCEL spreadsheet as an attachment.

BTW, by the looks of my totals, here is an overview of my YARN STASH: 939 SKEINS/BALLS/HANKS with a total yardage: 122,222 yds.

Therefore, 2007 is my YEAR OF THE STASH. I have been making deliberate efforts to use my STASH YARN for at least every other project. I don’t allow myself to buy new yarn (as a reward) until I have completed a STASH YARN project. Mostly, I have been using STASH YARN.

I had forgotten just how many types of beautiful yarn I had stashed in boxes, bins, bags, trunks, chests, cupboards and luggage.

I am going to get a PDA soon, and guess what EXCEL file will be loaded into it asap??? Yup! My Stash Yarn Spreadsheet! Might also include a spreadsheet with my needle collection, too. DPN’s, circs, and crochet hooks.

Well, that is my 2 cents worth! :figureditout: