How do you organize your patterns?

I just saw the stash one and while I do not really have that much yarn to organize, I do have quite a few patterns (most of which I never will make!:shifty:), I started to wonder how do you organize them?

I have one almost full binder of washcloth patterns. I seperated them into different groups-patterns, objects, made, next. That seems to work for now. The others are kinda of loosely organized, I think I need to go through them again. Then there are the books/magazines that are kind of stacked neatly.

So how do you organize your patterns and whatnot?

I don’t have any knitting books or magazines yet (on an extended trip/sabbatical, so trying not to accumulate material goods!), but I keep my patterns in a notebook. I copy them out on the paper by hand, and then after I make them I jot down any discoveries along the way. What I do with other things I need to organize, though (health issues, home improvement projects, for example), is make a three-ringed binder. I hole punch the hole-punchable, put in folders the non-punchable. It works really well. I can move through the pages and the sections very easily and without damaging or losing the documents I need. I’ll likely use this method if I accumulate a bunch of patterns that can’t be easily jotted down by hand.

My web patterns are all bookmarked and kept in a folder titled, brilliantly, :figureditout: “knitting.”

Once we get home in Sept., I know I’m going to have a storage problem b/c I’m sure I won’t be able to be so restrained as I am now!

I use a portable,expandable file sort like this one for patterns, instructions, stitches, etc that I’ve printed off the internet.

All the ones I’ve bought I keep in a binder. Most of them have come with clear plastic sleeves, the ones online that were PDF format I put in those sleeves and they all go into the binder. :wink:

I use a folder system. Every time I see a pattern I like I print it off cause YA NEVER KNOW when there might be the time and money to give it a try. I have file folders seperated into catagories ie: sweater women, sweaters me, sweaters baby, sweaters dog, hats, ponchos, etc.

Patterns that I REALLY REALLY [U][B]REALLY[/B][/U] want to do get put in a plastic sleeve and get put in my “ABSOULELTY POSITIVELY [U]AM[/U] GOING TO DO IT” binder, well actually that is “binders” cause I’m now on my second one:oops:

What’s this crazytalk about organized patterns? Blasphemy!

Here is my system. I have a binder for patterns, they are in sheet protectors. Whenever I get a new magazine, I go through and put a post-it flag on anything I really like. I keep the magazine in magazine boxes that I can literally reach without getting out of my knitting chair. Yes, I am THAT lazy.

If I REALLY like a pattern and see myself making it, I scan it and save it to my computer in a file called knitting patterns. If I plan to make it eminently, I print it out and put it in the binder in a sheet protector. Usually I don’t actually end up making it. I keep 3 projects on the needles at once, but I have more patterns in my “queue” than I could ever hope to knit.

This may not sound like much of a system, but it beats the heck out of my previous system which was to leave all of my dozens of knitting magazines splayed out on the floor around my knitting chair. Every Wednesday the cleaning lady would come and stack them in a neat pile and by the time she came back the following week I would have them helter skelter again. Most of my yarn stash would also be intermixed under, between and on top of the magazines.

Then once she brought her mother to “help”, but I decided it was really to prove to her mom that someone as messy as me really does exist. I felt that it reflected badly on MY OWN mother (who is super type A/organized), so I made some changes. Put the magazines in proper magazine boxes and I keep the yarn in plastic bins. Mostly.

Jan - That is a great idea. I have one sitting in my closet at work that I had no idea what to do with it. Thanks!

Yep, I also do binders with all of my patterns (pretty much all printed from the internet) three-hole punched and organized by type (sweaters, hats, socks, etc). Anything I am working on is in a plastic page protector in my knitting bag. I also have a bookmarked folder on my computer with links to online free patterns, as well as a folder on my desktop for downloaded patterns that I have not yet printed.

Now that I read this back, that’s 3 different places for patterns! So maybe I’m not as organized as I think! LOL

for my loose pattern (printed from online and purchased from LYS) i keep in a file folder. i labled each section to reflect the types of patterns in each section (adult sweaters, kids accessories, socks, adult cardi’s, ect.) some go into sheet protectors right away if i am feeling really industious, other wise, they go into them as i need them. keeps me from loosing a sheet from a multi-paged pattern! all my magizines just go into the smaller draws on my craft cart (from wal-mart) and my knitting books are sitting on my little shelf with my pretty vase of straights on top, along with a little bowl with small post-its, pens/pencils, inexpensive plastic hair bands, and spare change (thanks dh!) :mrgreen:

I have 15 :eyes: loose leaf binders full of patterns. Books and magazines on shelves.I have patterns bookmarked on my computer also. My son says he has never seen anyone with so many bookmarks. I told him he hadn’t looked at to many knitters computers then:roflhard:

What bip said…except that I don’t have a housekeeper to explain my mess to.

My first thought when I read how do you organize your patters was ‘badly’. So far my patterns are kind of like the old Sear’s catalog wish book–I’m wishing I’d get around to making most of them. So many patters, so much yarn, so little time to knit.