How do you measure for socks?

Cold weather is here and I find I want warmer (thicker) socks. I’m thinking worsted weight yarn, but how (what) measurements do I need aside from the shoe size?

This will be my first sock project, so patterns and general tips would be welcomed as well as how to adjust the cuff for a larger calf.


–Jack :guyknitting:

Here is a great link for measuring: Measuring for Custom Socks

Here is a great universal sock pattern.

Knitty has many more beautiful and unique sock patterns.

Try your hand at traditional patterns, toe-up patterns, and knitting both socks at once! Toe-up patterns make it easy to try the socks on as you go.

Hope this helps,

If you make them toe up you can try them on as you go, otherwise I just try to picture a sock that would fit a bigfoot and then not make those. :mrgreen:

I used the Knitting Fiends Sockulator for Hour Glass Knee Socksfor my first sock. It asks you for some measurements and then kicks out a basic pattern.

:roflhard: Mason, thanks for that.

Chris, thanks for the link to the sockulator. Does that sound like a supplier of sock for the Gov. of CA to you? :wink:


Jack it is just a warning - once you start knitting socks you’ll be back. :hiding: