How do you mark rounds with DPN's?

I’m working on my first project in the round right now… as you can see from my other post which highlights my general cluelessness. :slight_smile:

ANYhoo… I’ve seen several patterns which use DPN’s say to use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of your round.

But if you’re using DPN’s, if you put the stitch marker before the first stitch, won’t it just fall off every time you tip the needle?

Where’s the best place to put my stitch marker so it’s held in place? How do YOU remember where the beginning of the round is?

For this project, I just left the cast-on tail hanging loose, so I could see… but as I get further along, I kinda have to rummage around to see exactly where it is and such.

TIA for any tips! :slight_smile:

I use the tail for a general reference, it’s easy enough to see which of the 3 or 4 intersections between needles is the starting point in a small project like a hat. But for larger or more complicated projects, you might consider placing your marker one stitch in from the first stitch: that is, on needle one you will have one stitch, then your marker, then the rest of the stitches. Just don’t forget that it’s slightly out of place “on purpose!”

If it’s just to mark the beginning of the round, I use the tail for reference when I’m using more than one needle (DPNs or 2 circs). I don’t place a marker unless it’s for something else, like a pattern repeat.

I use a removable stitch marker or a safety pin and attach it to my work a few rows below where I’m working. I will move it up occasionally so that it’s still within close reference. I will also do that to help me count rows, such as when making socks so that both socks in the pair are the same size.

Julie, what FO is that in your avatar? It’s a gorgeous stitch pattern!!!

I usually arrange my stitches on the needles such that the start/end of the round is located near the middle of a needle. That way I can use a stitch marker and it won’t fall off. I don’t always bother marking the round junction for the body portion of simple hats, but I always use one while decreasing the top section - much easier for me than constantly holding up the work to find the tail!


You can also just put your marker one stitch in.