HOW do you make yourself do ANYTHING other than knitting?!

I CO my first Monica tank last night, and now I am sitting her at my desk at work and I am just ITCHING to knit!! I have GOT to get some work done here, and it’s just making me crazy! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.

My kntting is always calling to me. :poke:

That makes 3 of us.

Its in my bag right beside my desk.
I knit at lunch, in stop and go traffic etc…

Yup, me too, that’s why it’s sitting under my desk…

And to make things even worse, it’s RAINING outside!! Which makes me want to curl up on the couch with some hot tea and my knitting! :verysad:

Around here a lot doesn’t get done because of knitting :oops:

What’s this about doing something other than knitting? I’m not familiar with that concept. Occasionally I have to get up to eat or go potty, but believe me I put even those necessities off as long as possible :slight_smile:

I could say more, but I really have to get to the end of this row…

I don’t bring mine to work. I don’t dare. Sometimes I have an empty bit of time but if I started knitting the enpty bit would stretch into what should be the working part…
But at home lots get neglected. Like yard work. I’m not a fan of yard work and knitting easily distracts me from it.

what a timely question… I don’t want to do ANYTHING else!! housework? no way. paying job? blech. I’d rather be knitting.

I can’t wait to see your progress on the Monica! I’m up to the back ruffle on mine, but I’ve misplaced a hank of yarn. (ARGH- it is around here somewhere!) soooo I do have to do a little housework, at least until I find that yarn! (or else just go buy more…)

my DH frequently asks- why are you bringing the knitting? (in the car, to a restaurant, everywhere…) What a silly question!!

sigh, if only I could knock off work a few hours early…

I’ve got about 80 books waiting to be read. And a stack of FOs on top of them! The yarn calls… xxx

I also usually let my husband drive everywhere, so I can knit in the car. Mind you, I got a new car recently. But she sits a lot of days b/c if we go out, we take his car. Just so I can knit. Sad, I know. :oops:

Because of my college classes, I am constantly doing research or writing papers lately.

So, I give myself Sundays, for sure, since I will not do schoolwork or housework on Sundays. I’ll also do some, occasionally, while watching TV at night, although lately I’ve been writing papers while watching TV.

But yes, I can see where other things go by the wayside. I try to use my knitting as a reward for doing something else.