How do you make up a knitting pattern

I am trying this again, my computer got persnickety just as I submitted my post.

I would like to know if anyone makes up their own pattern and how you do it. do you use symbols, ie Knit stitch = x and purl = o; or do you write down K1 P1.

Do you use a computer program especially designed to make up patterns?


We did a KAL earlier this year on designing your own tank top. Check out that thread; maybe one of the participants who finished their tank (some of us ran into “snags” so to speak) has some advice for you.

I’ve made my own charts from written patterns, and I have a computer program as well that you can create patterns on. It’s called the Stitch Motif Maker.

I tend to use the standard symbols, but I’ve been known to make some up, too. As long as I know what it means, that’s all that counts.