How do you make a small loop handle for a knitted dishcloth

I find that if you just weave the ends in the dishcloths tend to unravel sooner than it had a hook attached to it…does anyone have any ideas as to how to make a small :knitting: hook or handle for the dishcloths?

Do you know how to knit the I cord? That could be how you incorporate a handle with out cutting your yarn . If you do know how, knit to the place where you want the handle knit the Icord for a few inches then finish knitting the rest of the item. if you do not know how to do ICord , it is easy , just Google Icord video on Youtube.

I think you want to do it with the yarn after you’ve done the bind off? You could do an I cord as suggested by casting on a few stitches and working to the desired length and then fastening the tail to the cloth. You could put that last bind off loop on a crochet hook and make a chain as long as you want it and then attach the tail and weave in the end.

You might try duplicate stitch for weaving in the tail, it should hold better. You can go back over the last bit you wove in and split the yarn and pull the yarn through a few times, that will help it hold better also.