How do you make a small hat bigger

I have several hat patterns that are for 0-2 that I would like to make for the 3- 5 year old range. How would I do this
:?? :think: :shrug: can this even be done
oh I am so confused

Sure, you just cast on more stitches. If you make it a multiple of 10 it makes the decreases really easy.

Of course there are tons of patterns of all sizes out there, too. :wink:

Here’s some hat patterns.

Depending on the pattern, you might be able to use heavier yarn and larger needles. Measure the child’s head and subtract 1". Then figure how many sts/inch you get with the yarn and needles and multiply that times the head - 1" measure. That should be about what you need to CO.

Thank you both for you wonderful suggestions:heart: ! I do not live near the child so I think I will try the mulitpul of ten:mrgreen:.
Peace and joy to you both,

I like this page as a reference when making hats. It won’t help you decide how large to make the hat, that really depends on the child’s head size.

Just a question on the multiples of 10…

If the hat I’m knitting calls for casting on 48 stitches, would I just then add 10 to that to make it 58?? That’s so easy!

Well, I meant 10 because it’s easier to decrease. You’d knit 8, k2tog around on the first row, knit one row even, and then k7, k2tog, etc…

Unless you have specific instructions for 58 I’d make it 60 instead.

Very cool…thanks so much!