How do you M1P?

I am a fairly new knitter attempting the Pod Stitch Cowl. The directions call for an increase stitch, M1P (make st as if to purl) An increase worked by lifting the horizontal thread lying between the needles and placing it onto the left needle. Purl this new stitch through the back loop-1 st increased. Do I litteraly take that horizontal stitch between the needles (not the working yarn) and put it on the L needle? How do I purl the stitch through the back??I have not seen that way of increasing ir purling and I cannot find a video or explanation of this stitch any where and it defies the increasing methods I see on this site. Any suggestions as to how to do this or if I can substitute a “normal” increase st.

Yep you do exactly like it says, lift the yarn that’s between the sts and purl into it. There’s a video for the knit version, which is somewhat the same, you just purl into it instead of knit. There’s also a video for ptbl on the Glossary page, but it may be easier if you lift the yarn with the needle from back to front then purl through the front loop. What you’re doing is twisting the st so it won’t make a hole. If you want, you can pfb instead, but you have to do that in the stitch before it says to m1p.