How do YOU line a purse?

I wish to line a purse some day soon. I like making purses.
I’m totally afraid to though. I hate the idea of ruining a good purse.

Do you use a sewing machine or do you hand sew? How do you hide
the stitches if at all? I’ve seen a few tutorials online but I’m really
a “hold my hand while I learn this” kind of person. I can’t take
any classes at the moment as I’m a shut in so…

I also want to add a zipper to a purse. I for sure will use a machine
for that but any advice that might not be obvious? I’m not a sewer

I’ve never done it yet, but I have these links bookmarked.

I usually do mine by going and finding a gorgeous fabric at the store (brocades are my favorite) before i even finish the purse. Finish the purse, felt it, whatever it needs.

Sometimes I cut the fabric but usually i finish it by just throwing the purse on top of the rest of the pile of purses waiting to be lined with the yards of beautiful fabric i have sitting next to my sewing machine.

Others may have different ways of doing it though! this is just what seems to work for me. :teehee:

Jan in CA, thanks for the links!

brendajos, I love the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, I barrowed it and
may include it in my emails.

i prefer hand-stitching liners.

using your sewing machine is, of course, a whole lot faster, but it’s harder to hide the stitches (or so in my experience).

I line all of my knitted bags. I put the liner together using my sewing machine and then hand stitch them in. I use clear thread so that there is no line visible from the sitches. It takes a long time for me to hand stitch, however the finished product is SO worth it!

In the picture below you can see a fine line, but no thread.