How do you learn how to do this?

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Also, will you go here and look at the yellow and rainbow colored pants?
How do they get the colors to do that? …or does it just happen?

The TP pattern is done in fair isle knitting. You work with two different colors, one on each hand. It helps if you’re ambidextrous.

The striping in pants just happens. Looks like they were made with self-striping yarn, probably Red Heart Strata or something similar.

The toilet paper cover is stranded knitting and yes, you can do it holding one color in each hand (very convenient, I do it this way too), but you don’t have to. This site has a video about stranded knitting. Amy has a way she holds both colors in her left hand (for Continental knitting), I think it looks wonderful, but I can’t do it. :lol: You can do it any way you can to knit with first one color and then the other. You can do both colors with one hand dropping the one color and picking up the second one and working back and forth that way. It is a little slower, but perfectly acceptable.

To find the video, hold your cursor on “View videos” and then choose “Advanced Techniques” Scroll down to something like “Working with 2 colors at the same time” and then look at “Stranded Knitting”.

It is not hard to do, you just have to be careful and be sure to tug to keep the floats loose. That is a biggie.

I’m thinking I definatly didn’t word my question correctly. I’m sorry. I’m a space case sometimes. ha ha. I am wanting to know how to make my own templates.

fair isle knitting
What makes it fair isle knitting? How many different names are there? …probably tons, right?

What is stranded knitting?

They have alot of great videos. I wish I had seen this waaay early on. ha ha. …like almost 2 months ago. That would have been a big help. ha ha.

It is not hard to do, you just have to be careful and be sure to tug to keep the floats loose. That is a biggie.
keep the floats loose?

Thank you all for your help. It is so appreciated.
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Fair Isle and stranded are the same technique with different names. Fair Isle was named for the location it started in. Basically what it is, is knitting with 2 colours alternating in a pattern. You work with one colour in each hand, or two in one hand, depending on what you’re comfortable with, and the colour that you’re not currently knitting with is carried across the back of your work. The yarn carried across the back is called the “floats”.

It’s recommended that if you’re going to be knitting more than 5 stitches between colour changes, then you use a different colour work technique called Intarsia.

There are some great videos above under advanced techniques.

Thanks. I will definately check them out. :hug:

Angel Leah,

Here is a blog site that has a lot of information about color knitting. If you scroll down to topics that are on the right side bar there are two pages called “Fair Isle Or Not? Part 1 and Part 2”.

You mean you want to make your own charts? I’m sure there are tons of resources out there that are more helpful than I am… but I think this website will chart your picture for you.

Thank you ! …checking it out right now ! :slight_smile: