How Do You Know...?

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Hi, this is my first post on this website. I just learned how to knit a few weeks ago–mostly through the videos on this website, and I pretty much have the hang of it [I’m a relaly fast learner].
How do you know if you are supposed to turn the knitted work or not?
Like, I’m making a scarf right now, in stocking stitch–so I purl a row, turn the work, knit a row, and so on and so forth.
A friend found a pattern online for a scarf that is really cool that I want to knit for my dad. It is an “illusion scarf” with a skull and snake.
My question is, when I make that scarf, do I turn the work at the end of each row? Also, there are two colors involved [mostly two rows of each color]. The pattern is a chart, so I can’t really show it, but here is a little that she wrote out…

Background Section:
Row 1: K across in green
Row 2: P across in green
Row 3: K across in black
Row 4: K across in black

Note: Instead of breaking the yarn at the end of every color repeat, carry the yarn you’re not using loosely up one side of the scarf (trust me, you won’t be able to see it)

CO 31st in black. K 2 rows in black.

Knit background section 3 times, ending with row 4.

Here is also the link to the scarf:

If anyone could help me out, I’d really appreciate it.
Oh, and I’m not sure if this matters, but I knit continentally [sorry if it’s spelled wrong!].


Illusion knitting creates the pattern by having purl bumps on a background of knitting. It always uses a light color and a dark color.

It helps to use markers when you switch from purls to knit on the wrong side because the pattern appears on the back and might be difficult to see.

You will always complete the row you’re working on before you turn the work.

If you google Illusion Knitting, there might be other sites that will give you more insight.

Hi! Your pattern sounds like the Dark Mark illusion scarf. You might
want to check out the Harry Potter Knit Along as I’m pretty sure
quite a few people have made this pattern and can help you with
any questions you have along the way. The KAL thread is here:

Libbie :slight_smile:

Yes, it is the Dark Mark one. But there is another skull and cross bones one on another website that I want to try too.

So you DO turn the work when you do illusion knitting then?

Yes, you turn the knitting at the end of each row.