How do you knit?

I was wondering what everyone’s preferred style is?

ETA: I am a combined/both knitter

When I am doing large projects i knit with the continental method, but when doing smaller projects (especially on DPN) I use the english method (I find i get less tangled that way)… and sometimes i used both in the same project

I am thinking you are actually a “both” knitter, me too! Combined is a “method” just like English and Cotinental are both methods.:stuck_out_tongue:

i never knew that!

English. :smiley:

I actually put other because I knit english for most things, but I use both hands for fair isle and I’ve been teaching myself continental. I have also used a somewhat combined method for tightening ribbing.

I taught myself English at first and I got frustrated because it took so long & my stitches were too tight. As soon as I found this KH and the videos – I started using Continental which is so much easier and faster for me. I have a WIP that is English and I’m wondering what it will look like when I start working on it again.

I knit using the greek knitting style or as others call it Portuguese knitting :slight_smile:

I knit continental but I can do both. I will switch to English if the project is better suited for it.

The only way I found out I knit english is because I watched the video’s here and the continental ones didn’t make sense to me lol

I knit continental unless I am doing fair isle- then I strand a color in each hand (continental left, english right).

I knit continental because I learned to crochet first and had trouble learning to knit english style. Now that I’m comfortable I plan to try the combo method for fair isle. I saw Eunny Jang doing it on TV and it makes a lot of sense.