How do YOU knit socks?

Could ya’ answer these questions? Yeah, I’m a bit nosy. I just like to know how other people do things. I knit mine toe up, on 2 circulars.

-Toe up or Cuff down?

-2 circulars, magic loop, or dpn’s?

Toe up or Cuff down? ~i like both

2 circulars, magic loop, or dpn’s? ~I used to be a die hard 2 circ gal, but not I’m really LOVING knitpicks DPN’s instead.

I’ve only done one pair, using Silver’s Sock Class - cuff down on DPNs.

It’s probably the exact same way I’ll do my next pair :wink:

I used to use the standard top down pattern. Most times on dpns, couple times using two circs. The latest pair is being knit from the toe up with magic loop and I really like it.

2 circulars, I don’t know, seems faster. I guess it’s because I don’t have to work through 4 joins, only 2. And, toe up, I like it because, say I want to knit a lace or cable panel in the front of a sock, it doesn’t look upside down like it would if I knit the sock top down. Then everybody can see my work. Not that I would ever knit a lace panel in a sock for me, but I have knit cabled socks for myself before.

And, I always use a generic toe up pattern, with one of 3 heel patterns - short row, gusset, and slipstitch gusset. I’m really liking the slipstitch gusset right now, I guess because it [I]looks[/I] like a top down sock, so nobody can ever tell.

Usually cuff down, but I am working on my first pair of toe up socks.

I knit both socks at once on 2 sets of DPNs.

I did one pair where I knit 2 at the same time and it took longer than knitting them both seperatly. I hated all the fiddling with the yarn and switching between socks, it just took too long for my taste.

Top down because I can never get my cuff bind off loose enough.

Magic loop because it goes the fastest for me plus helps me avoid SSS by being able to do 2 socks at once.

So far, cuff-down, DPN.

I want to try toe-ups, but I don’t like two circs or magic loop enough to switch from DPNs. I really, really like DPNs.

I’m just like Stiney. I prefer top down, with dpns.

I’ve tried the other methods, but didn’t like either of them.

I guess I’m old-fashioned, because I like using metal dpns, and vintage patterns.

i already have start-itis (start more than i finish) , so being able to do 2 at a time is key!
with dpns, i am too afraid they’ll slip out (i have to frequently put down my knitting, quickly), 2 circs are ok, but the hanging needles sometimes bug me. i looove magic loop! i like toe up, because then i have a better idea of how long i can make my cuffs before i run out of yarn. KP circs are great for this b/c of the fabulous cable!

When I do my socks I will be using DPN’s.

Generally, whatever the pattern calls for…but I like cuff down, DPNs best.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]2 circs and toe up…[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]I like not having to do the dreaded other sock…toe-up so I can make them as long as I want…[/SIZE][/FONT]

Cuff down, 2 circs.

I like toe up because you can make the leg as long as you want, and if you run out of yarn, you can just make the leg shorter. I used to use dpn’s before I got Cat Bordhi’s book [I]Socks Soar on Circular needles[/I]. I knit a pair of socks before I realized that I could just use the 2 circ instructions for my regular toe up sock pattern.

I usually do cuff down on DPN’s. I have made one pair of cuff down, two at once on two circulars. Didn’t like it although they turned out fine. Seemed slow. One at a time cuff down on two circulars is fine.

I started a pair toe up once, but wasn’t happy with the increases I was making at the toe. Need to give that another try.

For now, my preference is 5 DPN’s and cuff down. But I’ve only been knitting a year and I’m still learning!

cuff down, magic loop. i like DPNs, too, but magic loop is faster (for me)!

I’m currently working on my second sock. Toe up using Turkish cast on, Magic loop. Still not sure about what heel I’ll use on this sock. There are small holes on the first one. Any advice?

I prefer 2 at a time on 2 circs, top down. I’ve done toe up once. I may try it again if I have a pattern written that way that I want.

I haven’t taken the time to figure out magic loop. I’d like to learn it, but I like doing 2 at a time and I’d need to buy new, longer needles to accomodate 2 at a time/magic loop. Since I’d rather buy yarn, I don’t think I’ll be gettting new needles any time soon.