How do you knit rib evenly?

coz everytime i knit, it looks sooo uneven.
please help me.

thank you in advance,

I don’t know how many rows you did, but it takes several rows to start looking nice and even. Can you tell us what you mean exactly?

My ribbing used to look like crap. It seems like the columns would always be wide at the base and get skinnier as they approached the stockinette part of the garment.

I really can’t say what changed but my ribbing looks good now. I think it just takes practice and time to get it right.

The really weird thing is, it seems like JUST when I accepted my ribbing was going to have a “hand made” look… my ribbing started to look better.

OR do you mean the first few rows just look funny? Because that can also be a problem.

If your purls look wider than your knits, or just uneven, many people find this is solved by wrapping purls in the opposite direction.

my ribbed is not even all thru out the piece
this is the reason why i kept on starting over on it. my ribbed scarf will never look professionally done =(

re: my ribbed scarf will never look professionally done =(

Yes it will… ribbing is easy to learn, hard to master.

try smaller needles… loose ribbing looks messy… and smaller needles --RIBBING IS ALMOST ALWAYS DONE ON SMALLER NEEDLES ANYWAY–will help… if the pattern suggest size 7 for body and size 5 for ribbing, try a size 4 for ribbing.

and remember, washing/blocking/wearing (repeat) will even out inconsistantcies… old sweaters alway have perfect tension… (but many an new sweater has some rowing out, or uneven ribbing!)

and stop being a perfectionist… a good rib is better than avoiding ribbing, and after a few years of practice, a good rib becomes a very good rib indead!

Since it’s for a scarf, the option to use smaller needles might not be a good one. You can practice on some waste yarn, but Sarah’s advice is good, wrap the purl sts the opposite way and that tightens up the yarn. When you knit them on the other side, though, you’ll have to knit through the back loop or the knits on that side will be twisted.

Until I learned thumb cast-on, my rib always looked messy, and baggy at the edges.But not now!:woohoo:

What cast-on do you use?