How do you knit in the round?

So someone on a knitting sub told me recently that the way I knit in the round isn’t so usual.

I knit anything round, double sided scarves, hats and mitts in the round with the inside on the outside.

I only found this out when I was writing up the Lalu scarf pattern.

This youtube video shows perfectly how I knit with the tips away from me

I’ve only been knitting a couple of years and it makes sense to me and seems natural this way :woman_shrugging: My knitty friends IRL also knit round stuff this way.

It got me thinking though. Is it that unusual. How do you knit in the round?

It works to knit as you show with the public side of the knitting to the inside. It’s actually helpful if the pattern has floats because it tends to keep them a bit longer and looser than knitting with the public side to the outside. And changing back and forth is just a flip away.


Unusual? I don’t know. I typically have the RS on the outside but sometimes turn it inside out. I have a hard time keeping it turned so the outside is inside. If it works, it works.


I guess so :slight_smile: