How do you knit in round after removing some stitches to waste yarn?

I’m working on a sweater and just moved the front of the sweater to waste yarn. The next step says to continue working the back on the circular needles. I don’t get how that won’t just make another circle? Do I just keep knitting and ignored that it looks like I’ll just make a tiny circle that won’t connect to the front again?

I’m thinking you’ll be knitting the rest of the front and back flat, not in the round, but would still need circular needles to hold all the stitches. If you look at the pattern it changes from rounds to rows after the round where your finger is pointing.

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When it says “separate front and back”, that usually means you will be switching to knitting the front and back as two flat pieces “sticking up” from the tube that you have been doing so far.

So this will make the front bodice and back bodice of the garment. These will be seamed at the shoulders, giving you a temporary vest!

Then you will add the sleeves, either by picking up stitches around the armscyes and knitting down to the cuff, or perhaps by knitting them separately and seaming them on.

What pattern are you making?


Ah… makes sense. I had to restart because I’d made some choices when separating which were definitely wrong.

Oh well… hopefully this time it goes better.


Have you ever used a life line?
It’s handy to put one in any time you are unsure of the next part of the pattern or doing tricky bits. Once it’s in you can rip back to that row or round and it saves your stitches so you can get them back on the needle without unravelling too far or restarting.
I have found them so useful.

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