How do you knit in front &back of same st?

On the Diagonal Dishcloth, it says to increase in each st by knitting in front and back , how do you do that?

If you click on the glossary tab above, and find the entry for

k1 f&b aka kfb

There is a little video which shows you exactly what to do.

Hope that helps,

Jenni x

I would also recomend the video.
Kfb (knit front and back) is a simple increase. each stitch as two ‘legs’ of a loop. The front leg (which you normally knit into) and a back leg. When doing Kfb you begin to knit into the front loop but dont slide the stitch off the left needle. You then insert your right needle into the back loop of the same stitch and knit it, pulling the yarn through and then sliding it off the left needle.