How do you knit an m1?

i found a really nice headband pattern but i am having trouble with a few things??
here is the link to the pattern.
i am using double pointed needles instead of a circular needle, i don’t know if this makes a difference??
i have made my 3 rounds of seed stitch and on the next row it asks for
k4,p2,k2,m1,k3,m1,k2,p2 i have browsed through some of the other threads here in the how to section and i have come across what i think an m1 is, it is an increase without being a kfb, but if it isn’t a kfb i have no idea how to do an m1??? any help is hugely appreciated :slight_smile:
it then says to use the chart for the next 8 rows… but i don’t really understand what it means by RS or WS. i know that means Right Side and Wrong Side but how does that apply when you are goin around in circles not flipping a needle over like with 2 straight knitting needles???
hope to hear from someone soon :slight_smile:

Hi Robin, there are several ways to do a M1. At the top of this page there is a purple bar with tabs, one says “View Videos”. If you run your mouse over it you will get a drop down menu. One is for increases. Go look there for some of the ways and pick what you like. I often use a simple backward loop in this type of situation. After viewing the videos, if you need any other help with that, ask again.

You are right about the RS/WS issue. You will always be looking at the RS so always do the blank squares as knits and the squares with the - as purls. Reading charts is a little easier in the round than back and forth.

thanks for your help with the m1 stuff, it totally worked out, but now i am stuck on something else within the same pattern. i was wondering, how do i read that chart, at first glance my concern had been with the RS and WS, but now that i am at that part i realized that i am not sure how to proceed?? it says to work the rows 1-8 of the chart 2 times, but when you look at the chart there are only 17 squares in each row?? underneath the key to individual squares there is a box with dimensions, is this important?? any help would be greatly appreciated!
thanks a million!