How do you knit a scarf?

Im a beginner at knitting and im having trouble knitting a scarf. Im sure we all know how when you cast on it makes rings on the left needle right? Well i started out with 30 or so of them. And now i have over 50 of them. The scarf doesn’t seem to get longer either. Im doing the basic garter scarf. I know how to knit it and everything and what to do. But it just seems to get wider and wider and wider. Help?

You’re probably making one of the most common beginner mistakes–holding your working yarn up over the left needle and knitting into the two loops of the stitch below the first stitch when you start a new row. That will add one stitch to each row, so it grows wider quickly! If you make sure your working yarn is not over the top of the needle, you’ll do better.

It’s probably growing longer as well, but it seems to take forever when you’re making it wider each time around.

There’s also a “sticky” thread at the top of this board. Look herefor more information.

Also, be sure to watch the videos to get a better idea of how things look.

To honest im not sure what you mean by the thread hanging. I usely have the thread hanging to the right of my right needle. Or its to farthest on the right of anything. And i just loop it around my right needle counterclockwise like it tells me to.

I’m not talking down to you just trying to see if maybe one of these new knitter situations might be what you are having…

As you are knitting… the working yarn, (the one coming from the ball and is attached to the work) is behind your needles. If you inadvertently bring it forward and knit normally you are adding another stitch. This is called yarn over (YO) and is legitimate stitch, but it’s often done by mistake with new knitters.

Also… after you knit a row are you putting turning your work? That means switching hands and starting on the loops again. You need to do that to make the knitting ‘grow’.

There are some videos here at the top of the page plus here are more links for some basic knitting so that you can see if maybe you aren’t doing it quite right yet.

When you finish a row the yarn (thread) is coming off the last stitch. When you place that needle into your left hand to start the next row, if that yarn is up over the top of the needle, it pulls up the last stitch so it looks like 2 stitches. So hold the yarn out to the side a bit so you can see the first stitch clearly, then knit it.

One of those videos will show you how to hold your working yarn (yarn that is coming from your ball of yarn). It takes practice too :slight_smile: I’m new at knitting too. And I’m making my first scarf right now also. To keep that yarn in proper position - it’s best to hold it… wrapped thru your pinkie finger and then over your index finger. A video should show it closely and slowly. At first I had a hard time with it but now it’s just second nature.
Make sure you go slow even if you have to force yourself at first. I made so many mistakes going too fast and had to rip it out several times.