How do you knit a lost stitch?


I have just started knitting. I am knitting a scarf. My yarn is on the second stitch instead of the first and the first stitch is off the needle. How do I put the first stitch on the left needle? I apologize if this doesn’t make sense I’ve only been knitting for two days.


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And welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! Sounds like you’re already having an adventure! Well done!

I’m not sure, but it sounds as though when you turned the work the last stitch on the row you just knitted slipped out.

Try turning the work back around to where you’ve got all the stitches on your right needle except for the last little guy on your left. Then knit (or purl, depending on your pattern) that last stitch and then turn your work. That should start you off with all your stitches on the left needle waiting to be worked.

If this doesn’t solve it, write back in and let us know. Meanwhile, have a wonderful time with your knitting!


Ruthie :knitting:

If I understand this right… turn your work around and put that first stitch back on the other needle. Now knit (or purl) it as your pattern dictates and then turn it back around. It sounds like you either didn’t knit it correctly or didn’t remove the stitch off the needle correctly.

ETA: I see Ruthie had the same idea. :thumbsup:

it worked!!

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