How do you keep your place on a lace chart?


I decided to try doing lace as my new adventure in knitting and
figured the MS3 would be a perfect project since so many others
are doing it there are plenty of sources for help :slight_smile: I was having
trouble keeping my place on the chart as it is so wide so I got
creative with highlighters and now have a very colorful stripey
chart. It works great for the horizontal rows as I know to follow
a particular color all the way across. Then to make it even more
idiot proof I took a black pen and drew vertical lines every 5 spaces
and numbered them. So for example, I know where I am by following
the green line and I just completed column 4, etc… Works for me
but I started wondering what more experienced lace knitters do to
keep their place when following a long or complicated chart? Always
looking for a better system! :slight_smile:


Knitpicks has a cute little board thing that I want though.

I use the KnitPicks Chart Kepper. Works like a charm.

Post it notes. I put it right above the row I’m working on.

There are lots of threads about this on the yahoo group for the MS3, so you should be able to find lots of suggestions there.

I do a lot of big cross stitches and to me, a lace knitting chart is just like a cross stitch chart and once I started treating it the same way, I was fine. That means highlighting after every couple of stitches (or blocks of similiar stitches), to know that I’ve done them. It’s slow, but I’m a slow knitter anyway:roflhard:


Oh that knit picks chart keeper looks neat! I have done charts for
cabling and just used post-its but the chart keeper is certainly
a tempting gadget for that! :slight_smile: This lace chart I am currently doing is
just so wide that such a gadget won’t work for it. I guess it must not
be a standard size chart…perhaps made larger for ease of reading and
since it is coming in installments no need to squeeze it all into a small
space. :slight_smile: