How do you keep your patterns organized?

:shrug: I have so many patterns that I have printed of this site and others, but I have no idea how to catalog and keep track of them. Do you have a filing cabinet drawer, 3 ring binder…just pocketfolders…I need help. I have been telling my husband for months that I would organize my craft room (we are newlyweds and I need to make room for him in the house and he needs to put his computer desk in the multipurpose/craft room) and I just can’t seem to get it going…

My printer stinks so I never print out my patterns, god help me if I did because I’m the most unorganized person ever :oops: . Right now everything is just bookmarked in my browser–until my computer dies and I lose them all and then panic.

My purchased patterns and pattern magazines are lurking all over my apartment…it’s bad! :teehee:

I try to keep most of my patterns on my computer, scanning those that I received in a paper form.

I only print the pattern that I am using and then throw it away after I’ve used and marked it.

I’d be interested in how others store their patterns though; this should be a good thread.

I totally keep mine organized by category here. It seems to work out really well for me!


I have a binder, but I only have been printing them as I use them. Often after I’ve made it. :teehee:

I try and remember to save patterns to my desktop, but I’ve been very spotty about doing so.

HAHA - Brendajos you’re too funny. I use that system too.

I print patterns that I have used and am going to use and I also have a done taking up space on my computer. My poor laptop is starting to act its age and I am afraid to rely on it to store my patterns much longer so I am trying to decide if I should start moving them to a CD-RW or if I should just slowly print and file them…

I am seriouly thinking about file folders labelled - hats, scarfs, bags, babies, misc and adding them to my existing filing cabinet.

Once I get this solved - we move onto how to store yarn such that I can close the closet door :teehee: If I mention the use of power tools maybe I can get DH to build me some shelves in the closet

At the moment, I have a 400GB external drive where I store pretty much everything. I have a folder for knitting and crochet with subdivisions for hats, socks, sweaters, etc.

I’m slowly starting to print out some of them as I knit them up and can add side notes to the prints. They’re going into a 3-ring binder and sheet protectors.

I print out most of my patterns because I have found that some sites discontinue some patterns. So I put mine in 3 ring binders.I have one for sweaters and then I put them in catagorizes with the tab pages that you can slip in the little name tag.So in the sweaters binder I have cardigans–pullovers–tank top—summer–ect The only thing I had to buy was a 3 hole punch
I have a binders for
1 shawls --Hats–Scarfs
2 mens & Kids
3 Baby sweaters
4 how to stuff
5 socks
6 baby hats and buntings
7 Charts & peoples sizes I knit for

Well you get the idea

I have binders at home that are organized by category. But I have been fallind down on the organization lately.

I’m still only beginning (but getting increasingly more obsessed!) so I only have one box to store things in…might add another box so I can organise things a bit more. I’ve got all my loose patterns in a ring binder in plastic wallets. They aren’t really in any order yet though…

I print off patterns I really like because I don’t want to go back to them and found they’ve gone! But I’ve also got a lot of patterns bookmarked and organised on the computer too :happydance:

I have a really cool clear binder I found for my patterns. I also have them stored on my computer.

3 ring binder. i keep the patterns i’ve copied out of books (shame on me), ones i’ve bought, and ones i’ve printed from the internet.
I only print out ones that I’m really interested in making.

I keep them in those slide-in page protectors and then use a clipboard to attach them to when I’m using them.

in a file folder which is in a hanging file folder in a file cabinet.
LOL, my knitting stuff is the ONLY stuff in my whole house that’s organized.
priorities! :rofl:

i save patterns in my favorites folder … i print the ones as i am going to use them and whule i use them they get shoved in the zippy bag with the project :teehee: real nice. i plan on getting some sheet protectors for longer term usage. and a file folder for longer storage for printed patterns.
Flipdrive.comis a place you can store lots of different things, including favorites lists (in case your pc decides to eat all your files :oo: )
i think a binder with the patterns in sheet protectors is great…hmmm

I have a pattern folder on my computer, a 3 ring binder, and a stack on my computer desk. :teehee: I know I don’t need to print so many out, but sometimes I like to read them through and I prefer sitting on the couch or in bed at night than to sitting in the computer chair staring at the monitor. :shrug:

I have been thinking about getting an accordian file thingy to put some in, too.

I have most of my saved patterns printed to .pdf in a folder on my desktop, but the ones I’ve actually paid for DH prints them at work (our printer died), punches holes in the sides and then puts them in clear plastic sleeves for me. I just need to pick up a binder to put them in.

I stole a beat-up one from work. The plastic protector things on the front were disgusting, so I ripped them off. I got a desk calendar from one of our vendors that’s got neat art collages by an artist on the left hand side. (One of the advantages of working in publishing is your vendors are printers and do gorgeous calendars.) :smiley: Anyway. I’ve been saving the part with the pretty pictures, and I cut them down around the picture collage elements and am putting them on the binder. I’ll try and take pictures when I get home.

I put mine in a large 3-ring binder. However, I have not been real good about categorizing them, there all just there. I think I will try to get that done this week.

i had alot of print out which i never knit them… what a waste of time and killing all the trees for the paper… i tried to store in CD now … chances is i only own a pair of hands… so it take awhile for me to jump into another potential knit pattern…

as you know i got at least 15 of unfinished work on my knitting needles now… goosh ! i am hopeless … trying to finish them one by one is taking forever… maybe i should give it to someone free to finish them

I use “notebooks” with bound plastic slip in folders ( I use them for recipes too - you can keep the book on the counter and the recipe stays clean! ) I need another one soon and then maybe I´ll organize them, they´re just kind of in there as I printed them out for now…