How Do You Keep Kitty out of your work?

Ha! New to Knitting and a New kitty mom too! I know you can’t possibly keep them away - but Mr. Knightley LOVES my knitting!! Sure he looks cute now…Well, I cant figure out how to insert a picture - YET. [/img]

When we first got my cat, she was a royal pain when it came to chasing the moving yarn and needles. It took a lot of chasing her away, and now she doesn’t bother me while I’m knitting; but if I happen to be trailing a strand, she’ll chase it. She has taken over two baskets of yarn (luckily cheap-o stuff) to the point they became hers.

I can’t leave finished work out or she’ll curl up on it, but I can’t blame her for that.

A squirty water bottle.

Our little dog who thinks the cats are for playing with lies beside me when I knit. And they leave me alone because they really don’t want to play with him! Works for me! samm

:rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

My kitty cat likes to chew on my yarn… I’ll be knitting away then come a wet broken end while he has the other part in his mouth… so I do use the water bottle figure thats better for him than an upset tummy… also anything I’m working on I put in a zip loc bag… that way if he gets in my basket its protected from cat fur a little…

I can’t keep my kitties out of my work. I’ve learned to hide yarn in creative places.

A friend of mine tried putting all her yarn away in a wicker basket with the lid, like a laundry basket. This worked well until she got into spinning…and then they just attacked the yarn while she was trying to spin it.

This is why I have a lazy dog.


Geeze Hildie, if that was MY yarn I’d be searching the internet for Kitty CrockPot recipes!

If it had been mmmmmmalabrigo, Cheddy would have been served with broccoli. Guaranteed. :roflhard:

My cat is so bass ackwards. She doesn’t bother my yarn. Occassionally she’ll bat at an end. She does like to curl up in my lap while I knit though, and purrs when I hit her in the head with a needle or two.

However with bad kitty behavior in the past, I have utilized the squirt bottle/gun with much successs.

My cats have been shooed away so much. Annie, my tortie girl, likes to stick her paw into the back of my skein of yarn, and pull out the insides. :doh: I’ve learned how to detect when she’s got mischief on the mind, and I shoo her away. The rest of the cats don’t give me too many problems…unless I set my work down to go get something. Ya gotta love em, though. :lol:

Here is Mr. Knightley - just waiting for me to pick up my knitting!

Thanks for the great ideas!

BTW, how do you all get your photos the right size for posting???

:shock: That picture looks like he’s about to tear your heart out rather than mess with your knitting!


Devil Cat!

Ok, I know this is about pets, but all I have to say is the pic of the cat with the pink yarn everywhere is the animal version of my son! I broke down and gave him this old scrap ball of acrylic that I used to learn knitting, and on a daily basis I have to try to unwind him, furniture, and other odds and ends out of it. I’ve resorted to cutting him out…But at least he doesn’t mess with me for the 20-30 odd minutes I get to knit with him around!

Nooooooooooo…he’s just a baby, really. i just made that picture look, well, kinda evil. maybe there is a sweeter one… I just dont know how to make my pictures look normal. I cant attach them unless I crop the heck out of them to make them 256K for attaching.’:rollseyes:’

If you upload your pictures to they can resize them automatically for you.

If all else fails you can always send kitty to me :smiley: :wink:

Hmmmmm… where kitty goes children go! :wink:

Thanks for the link to imageshack!!! :smiley: