How do you k2 into yarn over?

I have a pattern that states to k2 into yarn over? How is this done?

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It could be a knit front and back (kfb) into the yarn over. What is the name of the pattern you’re following?

Ravelry: Snoqualmie Socks pattern by Hayley Albertson

Snoqualmie Socks are made from the cuff down and are wonderfully rhythmic and fun to knit. With dropped stitches and an undulated wave like pattern on the front and back, the colors of variegated yarns are broken up nicely. It is also stylish enough to liven up a solid sock yarn.

Thank you, that must be the way!

Pretty pattern! There’s also an improved kfb that doesn’t have the bump and might work here:

Thank you, I think I can use that in lots of places!