How do you join

the stitches when your knitting in the round with dpns?

this is my first time of using dpns, but i cant figure out how to join the stitches together, i know its probably very easy but its lost me totally, i tried looking at amys video on knitting with dpns but it skips the joining the stitches part

any help greatfully recieved


p.s iv got 28 stitches and they are spread over 3 dpns in 9, 9, 10 incase that makes any difference (im making mittens for baby!)

You join them pretty much same way you join using a circular needle. After making sure the stitches aren’t twisted hold the two needles that will be joining together. The working yarn will be coming from the needle on the right. Take your free needle and insert in the stitch on the left needle and wrap the yarn as usual. Tighten the first two stitches pretty well because that will help with any ladders which are loose stitches at the joins. I kind of use my little fingers to hold the needle joins. It takes practice to get it right, but hang in there. You can do it!

You can also CO one extra stitch and slip it to the left needle, then knit/purl it together with the first stitch. That helps tighten up the join. Works for either dpns or circulars.


Also make sure that you are holding the two needles you are joining toward you (back needle will be toward your knees). This will prevent you from knitting with the pattern inside instead of outside. :wink:

thank you all

finally managed to join the stitches …

twisted them twice, but dont know how lol but its all sorted now lol

so finally i can try knitting with my dpns hehe (im so excited lol!)

thank you again for the replys though