How do you join yarns with DK shawl knitting?

It’s not as loose as lace, but it’s loose enough. If you join the yarn the regular way (pick up new end, then weave in), would it slip out? Do I tie a knot?


You could try the Russian join - there’s a video here somewhere but I apologize I don’t have time to find it right now. It’s a really good snug join that would probably be perfect for your shawl.

After reading “The Sweater Workshop,” I learned a way to join yarn that I wasn’t doing before (this may be the normal way, and I just didn’t realize it!) : on the stitch where you are joining the old and new yarn, pick up both the old and new yarn to complete the knit stitch. This leaves 2 loops on your needle (instead of 1). On the next round, knit those two loops together.

This has been working great for me on the sweater I’m making – creating a nice, tight join of the new yarn without any knots. I do use a stitch marker to keep track of where I need to K2tog, and it is a little loose until you K2tog, but then it is a snug join.

Here’s the Russian join.

Thanks !