How do you increase in double knitting?

After 3 failed attempts at adding a border to my dishcloth, I think I finally figured it out. I need to increase on both sides of the corners to get it to lie flat. I tried doing YO, but that didn’t look right. So I frogged the border again. Would a M1 look good? I do know that I’d have to do it on both the knit and the purl sides to make them match. Also, I can never remember which way to make them on the purl side to get them to lean into the corner.

Yes, you’ll need a couple of increases at the corners. I’d experiment with the 2 ways of lifting the strand between sts to make sure you get exactly the look you want on the purl side. I so seldom do increases form the purl side that I’ll have to try this too. See if these links help, especially the second.

Thanks. I’m going to try to figure these increases on a swatch before applying them to the towel. It’s a royal pain in the keister trying to pick up stitches for dk on the salvage and cast-on edges. I really do not want to frog it again!

I haven’t tried to do it for double knitting but I can imagine it adds extra excitement to the pick up. You’re picking up some extra sts at the corners? And do I understand correctly that you’re picking up for 2 borders, one for each side of the dk?

That’s the plan. I was thinking of alternating the colors each round so it’s striped. The purl increases had me stumped. I’ve never had to do them before. And picking up stitches on both sides is definitely hard to do.

So far I have picked up stitches and knitted with both colors together. That looked really sloppy compared to the rest of it. So I frogged that. Then I picked up for dk and knitted in the opposite colors. It still didn’t look right. Frogged again. So I picked up for dk again. I knitted that one in stripes and got about 3 rows done before it dawned on me that I have to put increases at the corners. So it got frogged a third time. I’m taking a break from it while I figure that increases out.

The videos have definitely helped. Thanks. I’ll post the finished towel when I finally get it done. But first I have a baby blanket to make for a baby shower next weekend. First time in my life I’ve started a new project before finishing the first.