How do YOU hold your needles?

I’m learning continental style.

Its going OK, but I get really bad cramp in the ‘chicken drumstick’ pad bit of my left thumb though :waah:

Seems to be because I’m holding the left needle with thumb and middle finger (knitting English I hold it thumb and index finger). Have tried tensioning the yarn over my middle finger instead of index, but that’s WAY hard, esp purling.

And trying a bit of continental on a bigger piece, its heavy to hold.
If I’m knitting English, my right thumb is UNDER the needle to hold the weight of the work.

How do you continental knitters hold your needles?

I can knit both continental and english and I hold them the same way for both. The only difference generally for continental and english is which hand you hold the yarn. How you hold the needles is personal preference. I hold mine more like a… dagger I guess not a pencil.