How do you hold the needles?

I am having a very difficult time holding straight needles correctly. and I mean VERY difficult :smiley: I ahve used the videos here to leart knit and purl but am really struggling with how to propperly hold the needles and get anything accomplished before my girls hit college - and they are 1 and 3!

Please help a knitting idiot

I hold my needles so that my pinky and ring fingers kind of wrap around it and it goes straight across to my pointer with my thumb on the opposite side. I wish I was in the position to post a picture right now, but Iā€™m sure someone will come up with something.

It took me a while to get comfortable with them. It was pretty awkward at first, and my hands hurt. I just followed what the videos here showed and kept at it.

It also might help to experiment with different sizes. See if a pair of 15ā€™s are easier (or harder) to use than a pair of 8ā€™s.