How do you guys store/organise your dpns?

Until recently I’ve had two sizes of dpns – 10mm and 4mm – so I’ve been keeping them in a jar with all my other needles and it’s easy enough to tell them apart! But recently I’ve been trying to knit socks and now I have a few sets of dpns that are almost impossible to tell apart, so I’m looking for some ideas on how to keep them organised so they don’t get all jumbled up!

I started a similar thread a few days ago. If you go to this thread you will find some answers: How do you store your DPNs?.

I have three large zip up pencil cases. In one I keep my cable needles, tape measure, stitch markers, etc. In the second I keep my interchangeable needle tips (in their original packets) and cords. In the third I keep my DPN’s in their original packets. I think I must have knitting OCD!