How do you guys keep motivated?

[color=indigo]Must… Finish… Scarf…

Its in Garter stitch, for my neice, I’ve already finished one for her sister so it absolutely has to get finished. Its a foot long, so only another 3 and a half feet to go :pout:

The only thing keeping me going is knowing that at the end I get to knit a pocket and little flower embelishment and that was fun on the last one.

I don’t want this to become a chore though.

Any tips on how to keep my motivation up?[/color]

Here’s my idea on how to stay on task:

  1. Cast on a new project. A very fun project.
  2. Set aside, in plain view.
  3. Do not let yourself work on new fun project, until you knit 3 inches on boring scarf.
  4. Repeat daily until scarf is finished.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, this method doesn’t work well for me because I lack the “willpower” gene. BUT…it may work out just fine for you! :teehee:


First - promise yourself to try VERY HARD not to get yourself stuck like this again. Making that promise may just make you feel better enough to keep going.

Then, work in front of an interesting tv show or movie or anything else that can distract your mind while your hands keep going.

You could try a different stitch pattern. Just about anything would be less boring and knit up faster than garter stitch. Maybe a drop stitch pattern? Oh, and if you don’t want to frog what you’ve already done, you can just put another foot of garter on the other end, and make it part of the overall design.

Thanks guys - Unfortunately this one has to be all Garter as the older neices is all garter and they have to be the same or I’ll be in trouble!!!

I like the idea of starting a new fun project and not letting myself work on it till I’ve done some scarfing|

Thanks for all your suggestions!!!

How much time do you have during the day to knit? I knit all day on things like your scarf and then at night when I’m settling down for the evening I work on something I don’t have to think about or sometimes I work on practice patterns. I think if you’ve started this and you want to continue with it then you definately have to do something for yourself.

Down load somestitch patterns from the stitch library on and practice those at night.

Nadja xxx

I always seem to have more than one project going at a time because even if the project is going well and I like working on it, sometimes I just get tired of it. I usually try to find some projects that are kind of quick knits too so there’s that “instant gratification” factor. Sometimes I find that my biggest frustration is that I can’t see my progress; if I find something that’s quick to knit, I can get encouraged to finish something that’s in the works.

Just think about how happy your niece will be when she gets her scarf! :heart:


How about a piece of chocolate for every inch you complete?? :teehee:

i have the problem with baby blankets. when i am doing one, i make it my only project that i carry with me. since most of my knitting is done outside the house, if i only have that one project with me it is the only one i can work on. and i don’t put anything else in my bag until it is done!

I’m having a similar problem with a pair of gloves that are late Christmas presents. It’s not a boring knit, but I’ve already knit one pair and one other glove. I want to move on to something new! But I also want to finish this present soon.

I found that telling myself to get at least a few rows done every day, and not beating myself up for not doing more, helps. Also, I have a hard time wanting to knit when I’m so focused on just getting it done to be rid of it. I try to forget about that and enjoy the process of knitting.

Also, you may want to try listening to a podcast or audiobook to keep your mind off the mindless knitting. That way you can feel like it’s a great. “Oh, I get to knit the scarf, which actually means I get to listen to this really entertaining podcast that I like.”

I just had another idea for you, some inspiration hopefully…
Last week I had to share the story of how much my niece loved her blankie, that I knitted her.
Click here to read it (if you haven’t seen it).
Just imagine how much your scarves will be loved (well hopefully anyway!) and it might just encourage you even more! :cheering:


I have 2 scarves left to finish
and they are going SO SLOW
I am growing to HATE them

its a good thing they are being sent FAR FAR away from Me

i like to have multiple projects going just so i can switch between them - not purely for motivation, but also to avoid straining my wrists with one patter for a very long time.

motivation… hmmm… try going to my boring job every day. mental health billing… I need a bumper sticker or a tattoo or something that says “I wish I was knitting”. for boring stuff I throw in a movie or tivo and watch something like an episode of grey’s anatomy that I’ve seen before but still want to watch. Or like today, I wound up a ball of lucsious malabrigo but cant use it until I make a hat that actually FITS the dh. :roflhard: It was fun to wind tho, he got to sit and hold it and at the end he said “I helped knit!!!” :heart: :cheering:

I second (er…sixth?) the movie/tv show/music/audiobook/SOMETHING while knitting suggestion!

Whenever I do that, I always end up being shocked how much I got done in such a (seemingly) short space of time! (or like that one time my mum made me stop walking around for a while because my back was being painful and I finished the second half of a glove that had taken me forever to do the first half)

Plus, since it’s garter stitch, at least it’s completely mindless, so you can give even more attention to whatever fun thing you’re watching or listening too!

Thank you all for this!!!

Last night I took the Movie advise! I sat and watched 2 films and knit knit knit (Even though the second film was appauling - I knit on through)

4 hours later, I only have one foot left on the scarf (I’m not very fast) which I plan on doing today then I can knit the pocket and flower, sew it all together and post it tomorrow!

I’m gonna listen to an audio book that I downloaded ages ago too - never though of combining the knitting and listening!

The only advise I won’t be taking is the chocolate one - unfortunately its been given up for new year so my only vice will be coffee for a while :pout:

Something I’ve found getting me through this scarf also - is sitting here knitting for five mins then coming to see what people are saying on here for a bit. It helps keep my mind on what I can do after this project!

Thank you all!!!

:cheering: :notworthy: :muah: :muah:

Even though you didn’t take my advice :eyebrow:, I’m glad you have made substantial progress in your project! I agree that movies are a GREAT way to pass the time knitting! (Chocolate just happens to be my favorite way of rewarding myself…although I’m trying to give up refined sugar…none since the 1st!)

I feel your pain in staying motivated. I have to keep multiple projects going and some on the back burner of the brain to keep from getting bored. I not only knit, I do crochet–regular, Tunisian, and cro-hook. Right now I have a cro-hook cap going, a regular crocheted sweater on the hook, and am contemplating a Tunisian sweater, after which I want to knit a pullover. To make it worse, I want to try most everything I see. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Good for you :thumbsup: Now to reward yourself, your next project has to be something just for you.

Nadja xxx

Its very simple for me, Knit or clean :ick:
I hate cleaning, so knitting wins every time :teehee: